Make-Up Class Policy at Nanogallery
Sorry, no make-up credits for Zoom classes.
During the course of a multi-week class series I understand that you may occasionally have to miss a class due to illness, travel, doctor appointments, or family need.
Therefore, I will allow ONE make-up class per session that must be made up by the next session following your missed class, if there is space available. Make-up classes can be done by attending another class on a different time/day. For example, if you miss a class on Wednesday, you can attend a class on Tuesday morning or evening and vice versa.
If you cannot make-up the class on a different day in the current session or the session following your missed class, you can receive a credit. Only one credit per session is allowed. (In other words, the minimum class fee is the total fee of three classes in a four-week session.)
This make-up policy does not pertain to Watercolor Parties. A class credit cannot be transferred to a watercolor party. No credits or refunds can be given for Watercolor parties.

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